Garden Parasols

Our garden parasols are ideal for any garden party or seating area. Give yourself some shelter from either the sun or the rain… Oh and you’re family and friends, if they’re lucky!

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Garden Parasols

Here at Umbrella Heaven we sell a great selection of garden parasols (garden sunshades or garden umbrellas, as they’re also known) in some cases with exceptional levels of UV protection – if you’re looking for a garden umbrella, garden sunshade or garden parasol, then you’ve come to the right place.

We sell top quality garden parasols that suit a variety of occasions and needs – large outdoor umbrellas and sunshades for garden, picnics and more. A variety of UV protective garden parasols and garden umbrellas are on offer; both traditional and modern, all here at Umbrella Heaven.

Ideal for home and garden, our large outdoor parasols also have applications commercially for pubs, hotels, cafés etc. If you need them printed we can also help with that – just email or phone us with your requirements and we’ll happily provide a quotation.

We sell 1.8 metre diameter steel framed garden umbrellas, 2.5 metre diameter wooden framed, pulley operated garden parasols and 3 metre diameter crank handle operated, wooden framed sunshades in a variety of colours.

We also sell parasol bases separately. We have some standard plastic water-filled garden umbrella bases, some 15 kg concrete garden parasol bases and some huge 50 kg garden sunshade bases.