Childrens Sun Hats

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Childrens Sun Hats

Looking for childrens sun hats? A childs sun hat ready for the summer? Or perhaps you’re flying away on holiday with the kids – somewhere hot? You really need a good quality kids sun hat! Protect your children from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a childrens sun hat – take a closer look at these lightweight and pretty kids sun hats.

We take weather protection seriously up here in Umbrella Heaven – both rain and sunshine. Sometimes a childrens sun hat rather than a sun umbrella can be the answer. A childs sun hat can be more practical when your child just wants to run around and play outdoors on a bright sunny day. A kids sun hat could just be the most important item of clothing you ever buy. Remember the sun doesn’t have to feel particularly strong but it can still burn young ones.

We have a number of designs. You’ll find childrens sun hats with ponies, ladybirds or butterflies. Actually, if you really want the set for both sunshine and rain, we also have matching kids umbrellas with pony, ladybird and butterflies – just click here to see our kids clear dome umbrellas. We also have childrens rain ponchos in matching pony, ladybird or butterfly designs – just click here to see our kids rain ponchos.

A childs sun hat can make a wonderful present. Buy a childrens sun hat, wrap it up as a gift and watch them smile – but you’ll be smiling too, secretly inside, in the knowledge that you’re protecting them from the sun’s powerful UV rays. Don’t leave them exposed – select from our range of pretty kids sun hats today.