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Our unique Heart Umbrellas. The gorgeous new Heart Umbrella – a heart shaped umbrella, totally windproof. Why does an umbrella have to be the traditional shape?

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Heart Umbrellas – Heart Shaped Umbrellas

Introducing heart shaped umbrellas – genuine and original our unique Heart Umbrellas – the gorgeous new Heart Umbrella – a totally windproof heart shaped umbrella with lightweight sixteen rib windproof fibreglass frame and strong aluminium shaft. An umbrella doesn’t always have to be in the traditional shape?

Here we have our amazing new Heart shape umbrellas. Now available in a range of striking colours. The Heart Umbrella is the ideal gift – it’s unique and simply oozes style. The very distinctive heart-shaped canopy measures 110 cm side to side and 100 cm from front to back. These beautiful heart umbrellas will get you noticed in the crowd. They really do make the perfect fashion accessory, worthy of a place in anyone’s wardrobe (well, umbrella stand then).

The red heart umbrella and hot pink heart shape umbrella are very popular as birthday gifts and at Christmas time. The heart shaped umbrella also makes a delightful gift on Valentines Day and Mothers Day. The black heart shaped umbrella and the purple heart umbrella – well, they also have have their own message.