Pasotti Italian Luxury Umbrellas

Luxury umbrellas from the Italian designer umbrella specialist Pasotti, available here to the true umbrellophile and umbrella cognoscente!

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    High End Luxury Italian Umbrellas by Pasotti.

    Pasotti Italian luxury umbrellas - if you're looking for a special umbrella, a luxury umbrella either for yourself or as a very special gift, then a Pasotti luxury Italian umbrella with it's unrivalled Italian style, pedigree and class is hard to beat. Quite simply, these Pasotti Italian luxury umbrellas are veritable works of art. For those in the know, a Pasotti luxury Italian umbrella is a real status symbol. There's nothing else in the world of umbrella design that comes close to the flare and passion of this historic Italian umbrella manufacturer. The house of Pasotti has been creating fabulous Italian designer umbrellas and Italian fashion umbrellas for generations. Sensational, sophisticated, majestic, exquisite, exclusive, stylish, elegant, distinctive ... what more can we say? Words don't do them justice - you need to touch and feel these umbrella masterpieces to fully appreciate them. There are fashion umbrellas. There are designer umbrellas. People shop for Pasotti umbrellas when only the very best will do.