Jennie McAlister Vintage Umbrellas

A limited edition, unique selection of fashion umbrellas – vintage umbrellas from designer Jennie McAlister.

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Jennie McAlister Designer, Fashion and Vintage Umbrellas.

Jennie McAlister designer umbrellas, fashion umbrellas and vintage umbrellas – these are truly unique vintage style fashion umbrellas with sumptuous contrasting inner linings and distinctively curved canopies.

These classic Jennie McAlister designer umbrellas can equally be described as both vintage umbrellas and vintage parasols – they’re made of finely woven, coated velvet, satins and silks that will withstand the rain.

They say vintage has an eye to the past and fashion an eye to the future. So, how can these fashion umbrellas be described yet as vintage umbrellas? The answer is that some aspects of fashion remain classic and timeless.

With their unique, distinctive, feminine contours, there’s more to these vintage style fashion umbrellas than meets the eye. Ideal for ladies day at Ascot, these double canopy umbrellas are constructed from a double spoke wind resilience technology completely hidden from view by their contrasting inner satin linings.

Note: these limited edition umbrellas are exclusive to Umbrella Heaven. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!