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We keep our opinion on best men’s umbrella under review but here is our current favourite, our opinion on the best gents umbrella.

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    Best Mens Umbrella

    So, what makes for the best mens umbrella? Does a full length brolly make for the best, or is it better to have the convenience of a folding, compact parasol? Well, of course everyone will have their opinion on this and it's easy to generalise but many men prefer a city or walking style with a traditional crook handle, but they also like their technology. So perhaps the best mens umbrella would ideally have a mixture of both traditional understated quality yet also have modern windproof technology incorporated? The best brolly should be strong, preferably windproof and shouldn't necessarily cost a fortune. We keep our opinion on best mens parasol under review, but here is our current favourite, our opinion on the best brolly for men.