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Looking for art umbrellas with raindrop designs, cloud prints or multicoloured rainbow umbrellas? Some people consider rain a bad thing. Not up here we don't. We love it. You should see the boss's face light up as soon as the rain starts. There's a definite spring in his step and a song in his heart (probably Pennies from Heaven). If you think that makes us bad people you're wrong. Our purpose in life is to provide you an umbrella to suit you as a person, your lifestyle and your budget. You stay dry, we sell another brolly it's the perfect win-win situation. We're a bit closer to the elements up here in Umbrella Heaven and so we particularly love art umbrellas with rain, cloud or rainbow designs. Why not celebrate the rain with an umbrella with raindrops or clouds printed on it or why not the multi coloured rainbow umbrella with panels printed in every colour of the rainbow!

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IDAHO Rainbow Golf Umbrella
IDAHO Rainbow Umbrella This Rainbow Golf Umbrella has 16 different colour panels, a real eye catc..
Ex Tax: £10.79
Rainbow Umbrella
Rainbow Golf Umbrella   If you want to be noticed on the golf course, or indeed anywhere,..
Ex Tax: £12.46
Rainbow Walking Umbrella
The Rainbow Walking Umbrella This multi coloured 16-panel rainbow umbrella is a real head tu..
Ex Tax: £12.46
Clear Rainbow Umbrella
Clear Rainbow Umbrella This cheerful umbrella is the cheaper solution to keeping you fly and dry ..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Rainbow Golf Deluxe Umbrella
Rainbow Golf Deluxe Umbrella Introducing our Rainbow Golf Deluxe Umbrella. Are you looking f..
Ex Tax: £16.63
MiniMax Compact Umbrella - Raindrops
MiniMax Compact Umbrella - Raindrops Raindrops are even better than clouds, raindrops mean it&rsq..
Ex Tax: £9.96
Wood Crook Handle Umbrella - Partly Cloudy
 Wood Crook Handle Umbrella - Partly Cloudy This automatic opening umbrella features a lovel..
Ex Tax: £9.96
Wood Crook Handle Umbrella - Rain Storm
Rain Storm - Wood Stick Crook Handled Umbrella with Raindrops Pattern Here we have a traditional ..
Ex Tax: £9.96