Best Sun Umbrella

Choosing the best sun umbrella is quite a challenge. It has to be said that in this, our 'Best Umbrellas' section, it has at times been hard to choose the best of certain types of umbrellas.  After all with such a vast range it would be wouldn't it?  But here at Umbrella Heaven we are passionate about UV protection and we understand how harmful the sun's rays can be on our skin. If you're off on holiday or just out and about on a sunny day you are going to need the best sun umbrella for the job.  The best sun umbrella needs to have a generous UV protection outer canopy with a black underlining to give the very best protection from the sun.  But of course, for many people jetting off to foreign climes, the best sun umbrellas will also be light weight and compact when folded so that they fit neatly in your suitcase.  So, after some thought and discussion up here in Umbrella Heaven, in recognition that there is a trade off between the strength of a full length sun umbrella and the convenience of a folding sun umbrella, we've selected the below as our winner for the category of best sun umbrella.


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