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One umbrella or a hundred umbrellas – whether you’re looking for promotional umbrellas, a ladies umbrella, a mens umbrella or a golf umbrella, you’re looking for umbrellas. Up here in Umbrella Heaven, we specialise in umbrellas – from cheap umbrellas all the way up to high end luxury umbrellas. Everything from dainty wedding umbrellas, the latest technology in windproof umbrellas to huge garden parasols. How about some clear dome umbrellas, a UV umbrella, a luxury umbrella, a compact folding umbrella or our fantastic heart shaped umbrella? If you’re shopping for umbrellas online, the world’s best umbrellas you have come to the right place… Welcome to Umbrella Heaven!

Looking for fashion umbrellas? Or any umberella (if you’ll forgive the Flanagan & Allen or Rihanna spelling!) Possibly you want something to match that new outfit or maybe you’re searching for Ultra Violet protective umbrellas. We stock those too! Windproof umbrellas, golf umbrellas for that round you promised your client or colleague. An umbrella as a birthday present or Christmas gift for someone close to you? Some printed umbrellas – maybe your company has an exhibition coming up or a new product launch? Perhaps you are shopping for some really cheap umbrellas? … Umbrellas UK, umbrellas worldwide? Looking for the best umbrella in the world? Whatever you need in the way of umbrellas, this umbrella company is sure to have just the rain umbrella or sun umbrella you’re looking for.

Low cost shipping and 20% off all umbrellas for customers outside the EU

With over a thousand different types of umbrella in stock we aim to always be your first choice. Although we don’t offer free shipping, we try to maintain our shipping costs as low as possible. For example an order of 1 – 3 umbrellas delivered to mainland UK will normally cost a total of just £3.95. For 4 – approx 30 umbrellas the UK mainland total delivery cost is normally just £6.07.

Typical total shipping cost for 1 – 3 umbrellas to the USA is just £15.60. Also, important to note: if you’re ordering from and shipping to countries outside of Europe (e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, etc) then you will pay 20% less than the listed prices on our site since you don’t have to pay VAT (an EU sales tax). At checkout you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. 20% off!

Our stylish rain umbrellas come literally in all shapes and sizes. Our easy to navigate online Umbrella shop, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows you to make your purchase right now and most importantly…safely and securely. For umbrellas online, for umbrellas UK you’ll find this UK umbrella company supplying the world with stylish umbrellas hard to beat. Go on – put us to the test!